I belong behind the camera.

Taking photos has always been a love of mine. It wasn't until my first digital camera (a Nikon Coolpix) that I realized I really had a natural talent.  
I was working as a nanny and the photos I took of my charges would randomly appear in frames around the house. For years, I captured the big moments of their little lives. 

I've been photographing newborns for 7 years.   I love capturing those first few days of life because they go by so quickly. 


Check out this video for an introduction to me and newborn photography! 


Kimmie Washam

I love coffee and seltzer.

I am obsessed with babies(obviously) and animals.

My favorite food is pizza.

In my next life I'd like to be a medical examiner.

I love Broadway musicals.

I have the most amazing 2.5 year old niece that is named after me: Evelyn Renae